This week on "General Hospital," Julian and Ava will be convicted of the crimes they made. On the other hand, Maxie will turn to Nathan during the Nurse's Ball and will leave him in surprise. The Nurse's Ball is always filled with fun and exciting surprises and Nathan will be left shock when her wife shows off in the event.

Nurse's Ball to reunite Nathan and Maxie?

Most of the "General Hospital" viewers love to see Maxie back to the arms of her husband. Will Maxie returns home during the Nurse's Ball? Nathan was down for several days since he misses his wife a lot.

It is sad to know that Maxie preferred to focus more on her career rather than her marriage. This left Nathan down since he wanted Maxie back.

Furthermore, it is Nina who offered the job to Maxie. However, it wasn't big enough to lure her away. This week, Maxie will realize what is more important to her life. Some hints reveal that Nathan will call Maxie and will tell her how hurt he has been. Apparently, the least that Maxie can do is to give her husband a good assurance of their future.

Maxie, on the other hand, might have a change of heart after hearing the sentiments of her husband. Future episodes will reveal that Maxie will put her marriage first and might pull a grand gesture on the Nurse's Ball.

Chances are, Maxie will leave Nathan in surprise if she returns home during the occasion.

Julian and Ava to face their uncertain future

More of the "General Hospital" scenes will reveal that Julian and Ava will be caught due to the crimes that they had previously done. Ava will start thinking that she has been free from what she has done to Morgan Corinthos' medication, however, she is wrong.

Dr. Andre Maddox will finally discover that some of the pills are only half dose of what he prescribed.

As Dr. Maddox checks his records, he will prove that he has given the write prescription. Right then, secrets will start to be revealed and soon Ava will face the consequences of what she has done. Basically, spoilers have given hint that she will face her day in the court and will be convicted of her contribution to the death of Morgan.

Moreover, the forthcoming episodes will feature Ava to be sent to Pentoville or her character could be killed off completely. Sonny might resort to killing Ava for what she did to his son Morgan. Meanwhile, it seems like prison cell is the right destination for Julian. Some spoilers claim that he might be plead guilty and will be in prison for 10 years.