The most-watched television show, "Game of Thrones" is set to release Season 7 next month, and it has been a long wait for all "Game of Thrones" lovers. The latest trailer promises to be worth the wait as the battle of the four kingdoms will fight in the great war.

As the fight for the Iron Throne continues, Cersei Lannister will do anything to protect her kingdom. Being the last Lannister's left in King's Landing, the trailer shows Cersei sending a warning to her enemies in all directions. It appears that the great war includes Winterfell, the Iron Islands, Daenerys Targaryen and King's Landing.

The epic battle is believed to be exciting with several surprises.

The north still remembers

If there is one kingdom that suffered right from the beginning of the show, it has to be Winterfell. Right from the execution of Ned Stark and his sons, the north still remembers their loss and this time, Jon Snow will fight with everything he has left.

There have been rumors that the former Lord Commander will take the help from the "Knight's of the Vale" to fight his way through King's Landing. Winterfell alone has a very small and devastated army with only a handful of men, and with Daenerys along with a huge army and her fully-grown dragons, they are no match when participating in the battle of the big four.

Will Tyrion Lannister betray Cersei and Jamie?

One of the most interesting and loved characters in "Game of Thrones" is Tyrion Lannister. He has proven his acting skills are excellent, and he has put up an amazing performance right from the start. The upcoming season predicts that Tyrion will continue to be alongside Daenerys and there is a chance that he might betray his own siblings Jamie and Cersei.

The dragon woman is believed to have one of the strongest armies in all seven kingdoms, but Cersei and Jon Snow are not going to give up. The battle between the big four will not be the end because Jon Snow believes that the real war is yet to arrive, and winter has finally come.

While the "Nights Watch" continues to look over their tall wall, the White Walkers have already plotted their move, and this time, there will be no retreat.

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 will have only seven episodes and the first episode will be air in July.

The show has put away the White Walkers for a while and some reports state that they will appear again during Season 8. With an intense trailer, the upcoming season is sure to be incredible with lots of killing and heavy drama.

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