The hit show "Friends" is a fan favorite and everyone has been hoping that it would come back again. So many shows are Coming back for reboots, and the fans are hoping this one will be as well. A recent post from what appears to be David Schwimmer has everyone talking and hopeful that the show is coming back. So it this a hoax or real?

What did David Schwimmer allegedly have to say? What is the truth?

A page that appears to be David Schwimmer went to Facebook in May and said, "It has just been made officialAll 6 cast members have signed on we're back for ONE more season!!#Theonewheretheycomeback#Friends2018." The thing is this is a fake account, and there is no truth at all to the rumors that "Friends" is coming back again.

Fans are sad to hear it, but that is the truth!

For one thing, if you notice the names were spelled wrong. They used the names “David Schwimer” and “Ross Gheler." These are not right, so that is your first clue that this is a hoax. The thing is the page has been able to get over 50,000 likes on it so a lot of people believe it is real and have been sharing it all over Facebook.

Several cast members have been asked if the show would be coming back for another season and they confirmed that this isn't what the plan is going forward. Mathew Perry is now on the hit show "Man With a Plan, " and others have moved on to do other things. The idea of "Friends" coming back is something that everyone needs to just get over because it doesn't sound like it is happening.

Snopes even shared that this is not true at all. One thing that they shared was that the page that posted this had just been made as well. Somehow they were able to make it go viral, though. Lisa Kudrow shared saying, "I feel like I’m just constantly bursting that little bubble of hope, each and every time it’s asked. It’s been 13 years, 13 years of the same question and right now, or in the future, it’s not going to happen.

And every time I say that, I get yelled at. What’s it going to be about? Really, how is it going to work? This is what everybody is forgetting." She went on to explain that they have all moved and don't live near the coffee house anymore. It would be hard for the show to go on the way it was before and that is what fans would want to see if "Friends" returned.

It just looks like this isn't happening.

Are you sad to hear that "Friends" isn't coming back for another season? Would you like to see this show rebooted? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.