Last night on "Empire," the Lyon family continued their business in Las Vegas. The show opened up with Cookie attempting to sneak her way into the new Leviticus in Vegas that Lucious has her banned from. Giuliana continues to maintain a stronghold on Lucious as well.

Vegas and Inferno

For the opening of Empire's new casino in Las Vegas, Lucious, of course, wants the show to be based around his new upcoming album titled "Inferno." However, he feels Jamal's "When Cookie Met Lucious" album will interfere with the potential success of both projects individually. So, Lucious gets his advisor to propose his plan to Jamaal but he doesn't like the idea so well at first.

He also warns Cookie to stay away from his upcoming event in Vegas and fires his longtime attorney Thirsty Rollins at Giuliana's request.

Cookie's Plan

After learning of Thirsty's firing, Cookie invites him to join her at her home later to formulate a plan against Giuliana. Along with a bunch of other Empire staff members, Thirsty teaches Becky how to break into a safe. The scheme was to help them sneak in and get documents about Giuliana to legally remove her from the Las Vegas deal. However, every member equally had to play a part in getting past security to pull off their plot.

Leviticus Las Vegas

Cookie had to rely on her two sisters to help assist Becky once they entered the Leviticus. However, Cookie's sister Carol could not convince the security guard to leave his post so that Becky could get into the safe room.

Luckily, the guard was attracted to Becky who was standing close by. The roles were switched and Carol was placed into the safe room as Becky was able to successfully remove the guard from his post.

Once Carol got in, she was nervous of course, but eventually pulled it together and cracked the safe. When Cookie gets her hands on the documents, she immediately takes them to Charlotte Frost the director of the Vegas gaming commission.

Lucious interrupts the meeting, of course, and drops a half a million dollar payoff to Frost. However, at the conclusion of the meeting, Andre comes out from hiding and reveals he is working behind closed doors with Frost.

Tariq and finding Bella

In order to find his granddaughter, Lucious locates his half-brother Tariq who he ordered to get lost after successfully framing him.

Upon his arrival, Lucious's mother attempts to prepare a meal with hidden glass in it for Tariq to eat. Once Lucious discovers the glass he gets rid of it immediately and invites Tariq in. He explains to Tariq why he needs him and Tariq gets right on the job for him.

Tariq uses his expertise and finds Bella's whereabouts. When he does so, he proudly contacts Lucious to meet at his home. When Tariq arrives Lucious is very interested in hearing the good news. However, as Tariq begins to inform Lucious that Bella was indeed with the Dubois family, Lucious's mother stabs Tariq viciously in the neck before he can spill more information. Tariq immediately falls to the floor gasping for breath while Lucious holds him in shock. After a few seconds, Tariq is lifeless in the middle of the floor with Lucious staring in disbelief.

Part 2 season finale

Next Wednesday, May 24, 2017, will be the part two season finale for "Empire." From the looks of the preview shown at the end of the show, another key Empire member could be killed at the conclusion of the finale. Tune in next week on Fox at 9:00 p.m eastern time.

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