New bonuses that have not come into play so far, as well as new discoveries of Legendary Pokemon, add to the new Rock-type Pokemon Event launched by Niantic a few hours ago, as a prelude to the great summer update. Niantic has announced that it is the turn of Rock Type creatures. So this type of Pokémon will appear more frequently until next May 25, the date on which the Event ends. However, a few moments ago, new information was leaked, revealing the discovery of a new ultra-rare legendary Pokemon by a Reddit user. According to the information filtered, the new ultra-rare Larvitar was discovered along with other Rock-Type Pokemon.

Other players have also reported similar cases, in which have appeared many ultra-rare Larvitar, spawning surprisingly in some rural areas.

Ultra-rare Larvitar, spawning surprisingly in some rural areas.

The new reports of ultra-rare creatures in the Rock-type Event launched by Niantic have left in awe the vast majority of the players of this exciting app because it is very rare to find these types of Pokemon. Since the launch of “Pokemon GO”, to date, no such large spawning of these prized creatures had been reported. Apparently, it is a mistake, or rather that the increase of these spawns is due to an intentional filtration filtered by Niantic's developers.

The strongest Rock-type Pokemon to take into account in The Pokemon GO Adventure Week celebration

Among the strongest Rock-type Pokemon stand out (Tyranitar with 3,670 combat points (PC) base, an attack of 251 points, the highest Rock-type Pokemon, and a good defense). While Rhydon has 330 combat points with an attack of 222 points.

A new opportunity to evolve your favorite Pokemon

It is worth to note, that in this case, it presents the ideal occasion to evolve some of the creatures you have on your team, like the Magikarp, and for those who do not get enough candy. For example, it will be easier to evolve Onix into Steelix or to transform the two fossils, Omanyte and Kabuto.

Aerodactyl, Sudowoodo, Onix, and Omanyte. In theory, these will be the three Rock-type Pokemon easier to capture during The Pokemon GO Adventure Week celebration.

This time, it seems that there will be no bright new creatures, although you never know what Niantic will surprise us. Because, at most events, unexpected surprises always come to light.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.