Ellen DeGeneres, together with her recent guests on the show, Chef Giada De Laurentiis, and actress Nicole Kidman, had a lot of laughs during a cooking segment. However, during the taste test for the finished product, Kidman spat into a napkin the pizza that was made by Giada.

What happened during the show?

Ellen had a sit-down interview with Giada to promote the upcoming season of her show, “Food Network Star.” They had a little cooking segment with Nicole Kidman. The actress admitted that she fails in the kitchen. Ellen, for her part, was not fine in rolling the rice balls, which is the first recipe that the trio tried to do.

The happy cooking segment gradually became a heated one. Mean comments are coming from the chef and the rebuttal of the actress along with funny criticisms about the food along with side-eye glares pumped up the temperature.

The chef then showed them how to make one of the pizza recipes, which had artichoke arancini and focaccia with clementine, and fennel. Ellen first took a bite, and it was noticeable that she is having a hard time chewing the food.

The host managed to do it in a comedic way, which reaped laughs from the audience. She complimented the food was good along with her usual sarcastic gesture.

When it was time for Kidman to taste the food, she commented that the pizza is a little tough, right in front of the live audience.

Giada responded by saying that it had been sitting there for five hours. The response from the Chef showed that she did not take Kidman’s comment lightly.

Taking sides

Although some may say the three women are just having fun just throwing punch lines in between their laughs during the show, several people are now taking sides.

There are people saying that what the "Big Little Lies" actress did was rude. The criticisms noted that she could have just chewed the food down rather than spat it out.

Those who are siding with her interpreted the segment as a pure humor. To the actress’ defense, they claimed that she is known for speaking in a straightforward manner.

While there are some, who commented that it was awkward and cringe-worthy even though they blurted out their comment in between hilarious laughs.

Big Little Lies

Meanwhile, Nichole Kidman also discussed on the talk show the success reached by "Big Little Lies." Kidman, along with her co-star in the series, Reese Witherspoon are the producers of the show. The actress/producer was amazed at the popularity she gets from the show, and she is thankful that more people recognize her through her character.

With the partnership, she and Reese have, Nichole, foresees the things they could accomplish. She believes that greater things can be done when powers of two women combine