The television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, has received positive comments from TV critics and audiences for its storyline and star cast.

However, the show is being criticized for its sex scenes. With the new episode just days away, analysts have started saying that the show is not suitable for teenagers due to its sex scenes. Abraham Riesman from New York Times states that parents should not allow their children to watch “American Gods” as the series can ruin growing minds.

The show being criticized

Matt Brennan from Paste Magazine took it to Twitter this morning to share his thoughts about the show.

He states that “American Gods” has the hottest scenes he ever saw on the small screen, and it’s not a good fit for high school students. The Huffington Post reports that the scenes that took place between Omid Abtahi’s Salim and Mousa Kraish are disgusting. Kraish from Out magazine said that the story is incredible, but the sex scenes make no sense.

They are very intense and intimate, and should be removed from the series. Speaking about the sex scenes in an interview with Vice, Neil Gaiman said that those are necessary for the show, and there’s nothing to worry about. “American Gods” is currently available on Amazon Prime.

The series is created for the premium cable network Starz, with Fuller and Green serving as showrunners. “American Gods” focuses on a prisoner, Shadow Moon, who is given an unexpected early release from the jail after the death of his wife, Laura.

He gets employed by a rich man, Wednesday, who asks him to work under strict regulations.

The cast members and episodes

The show features Crispin Glover as World, Emily Browning as Moon, Ricky Whittle as Shadow, Ian McShane as Wednesday, Bruce Langley as Technology Boy, Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, and Pablo Schreiber as Sweeney. Cloris Leachman, Peter Stormare, Jonathan Tucker, Gillian Anderson, Chris Obi, Omid Abtahi, Mousa Kraish, Corbin Bernsen, Dane Cook, Jeremy Davis, and Demore Barnes play the supporting characters in “American Gods.”

The most famous episodes are "Git Gone," "The Bone Orchard," "Come to Jesus,” “Lemon Scented You,” “Head Full of Snow,” “Git Gone,” and “The Secret of Spoons.” A few years ago, Neil Gaiman stated that HBO was interested in adapting the novel into a sitcom.

However, he acquired the rights to the book for $50 million and officially began production in 2015. Later on, it was revealed that he had sold the series rights to Starz, and expressed his hope to develop a brand new series for HBO.

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