Everybody is anxious about the tournament of Power’s Beginning, and while some Universes are still gathering the ten warriors needed to complete their teams, some others have their teams ready to begin, and others like Universe 7 are making emergency changes. Only 3 hours separates all from the biggest event in the history of the creation, and there is no time to waste!!

But back to our reality, we had no official date for the Tournament of Power’s beginning. That is until now since it has just been released an official preview on the programming for the next “Dragon Ball Super” episodes. This list gives us a little idea of what will be happening next in the series and also allows us to speculate on a date for the Tournament of Power’s beginning.

Let’s see the last updates:

This information was obtained from the Dragon Ball Super Box, an exclusive release that contains a certain amount of episodes in a disk (usually 11 episodes included in a blue-ray DVD) with improved animations, artwork and also the complete ending soundtrack of the current saga.

Recently it was revealed the release date for the next Dragon Ball Super Box, the number 8. This edition, which will be released on October 3rd, 2017, contains episodes 85 to 96. Those episodes are the ones in which every Universe begins the recruitment of the 10 warriors that will compose teams that will participate in the Tournament of Power, a recruitment that ends on episode 96. This makes us conclude that on episode 97 the contest should begin.

Therefore, it would be time to take the next step, that is, the tournament of power.

Of course although there is still no official date for the beginning of the Tournament, we can pretty much be sure that this is how events have been planned on Toei Animation. Continuing with the search of information of many Facebook pages, we’ve also found out that the next Dragon Ball Super Box 9 will contain episodes 97 to 108, while Box 10 will include episodes 109 to 120.

Additional updates:

From the information we’ve gathered there are 120 episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” confirmed so far, so we can pretty much say that we will be having more of Goku and his friends’s adventures for the rest of this year and early 2018. Of course this doesn’t mean that it is all we will get, but just what is confirmed so far.

Thanks for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Until next time!

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