Ever since being sworn in as the next commander in chief, Donald Trump has gone silent with his criticism of "Saturday Night Live." While the president has not mentioned the show in public over the last four months, that hasn't stopped the cast of "SNL" from mocking and trolling the White House.

"SNL" on Trump

Once Donald Trump won the GOP nomination as the Republican National Convention last summer, it triggered an avalanche of comedy and satire in the process. Comedians and late night talk show hosts had a field day over Trump's controversial campaign style, as the former host of "The Apprentice" instantly became the butt of a nightly joke.

While many had fun with Trump's candidacy, no one hit the nail on the head quite like the writers and cast of "Saturday Night Live." Following the first general election debate, "SNL" producers tapped Alec Baldwin to play the role of Trump, which instantly resulted in rave reviews. While the majority of reviews were positive, Trump himself was not a fan which was reflective in his nearly weekly tweet-storms about the show. Trump accused Baldwin of not being funny, while even predicting that "SNL" would soon be off the air. Despite Trump's criticism, the show started to receive its highest ratings in years, which continued to the season 42 finale on May 20, as the president was once again the prime target.

In the cold open for "Saturday Night Live," Donald Trump was used as the target of humor with Alec Baldwin finishing out the season as the commander in chief. Baldwin was shown on stage at a piano as the lights were turned down .

Playing a mock version of "Hallelujah," Baldwin was joined on stage by various cast members who have played satirical roles of other members of the administration. Humorous versions of Kellyanne Conway, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., and more joined Baldwin as as the quick intro segment came to a close.

The Rock on politics

Hosting the show was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who was joined during his monologue by Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks.

who welcomed him to the "Five-Timers Club" for hosting the show. The Rock and Hanks humorously said they were planning to run for the White House in 2020, before citing their film history of saving the world on various occasions. In closing the segment, Johnson took on a more serious tone and appeared to take a shot at Donald Trump without even mentioning his name.

"It's just that when it comes to politics, we need more poise and less noise," Dwayne Johnson said. "Americans deserve strong and capable leaders. Leaders who care about this country and care about its people," he continued.

In response, Tom Hanks said that their joke should become reality as a "Johnson/Hanks 2020" banner dropped from the ceiling.

Next up

As "Saturday Night Live" ends another season on the air, the show is experiencing a resurgence due to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and his administration. While many will wait patiently for the program to return for season 43, Trump and his administration are likely pleased that the show will be taking a break.