The release date of "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" is still in December 2017. However, the space action adventure movie has been one of the hottest topics on the Internet. The topics vary from predictions to leaks, rumors, theories and even scenes and costumes in the movies. It appears that fans are really into deciphering what the upcoming movie from Lucasfilm will be all about.In the previous The Force Awakens installment, fans expected to see the marvelous beast to be in the movie. However, what was shown were the

In the previous The Force Awakens installment, fans expected to see the marvelous beast to be in the movie.

However, what was shown were the Rahtars put together for Hans Solo and Chewbacca's fighters. These, however, are not Dewback or Tauntaun, it could not even live up to the reputation left by the Rancor. If the recent speculations and leaks are to be believed, "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi" will be featuring space horses.

Space horses

According to several reports, these cosmic stallions are called Falthier and are expected to be the favorite among fans. These beasts are Finn's new toy and will be seen in Canto Bight, the popular casino planet. In addition, these space horses will be in a heart-stopping galactic chase as part of the vital scenes in the upcoming movie.

These high-priced race horses' head appears to look like a tauntaun and the dragon from the movie, Never Ending Story.

In the movie, fans will see the space horse chase in the Faltheir shelters. A scene was leaked from the movie's photos. It showed Rose and Finn running away from men in luxury speeders who are all dressed up.

Rose get Finn and herself to hide from those men in the stables. In there, they meet a new species of alien taking care of the Falthiers, which is this movie's version of the Rancor Keeper.

Aside from that, Falthier Jockeys will also be introduced in this scene. Finn will talk to the space jockeys and runs away with Rose.

Apparently, they will fight off one of those men in luxury speeder where Rose gets the bad guys off them. Rose and Finn riding on the Faltier go to the coffee shop in the end scene to meet their contact.

This scene will highlight Rose and will give fans another strong female character.

The coffee shop where they hold the meeting is adorned with space beans that seem like candies and a variety of bright colors. It resembles a neon glow in the dark Starbucks. According to Making Star Wars, who have seen the innards of the coffee shop, it appears to be all colorful and bright.

Other movie details

Rose is a new character in "Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi." It was previously speculated that her name might be just a code that stands for something else. However, film director Rian Johnson, in one of his interviews, noted that it is really the name of the actress in the movie. In the film, she is a maintenance worker who is linked to Finn (John Boyega). According to speculations, the duo visits Canto Bight to free a slicer from the jail. Slicer is a term in the movie that connotes hacker.