There is still some time for "Star Wars: Battlefront II" to become available. November 17 is the day in that we can play the new title of the series on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As you know, this new delivery will be a joint effort between DICE, Motive, and Criterion. Under the control of Electronic Arts and with the supervision of LucasFilm, the mission will be to show us the story told from the bowels of the Empire.

As part of the campaign to support "Star Wars: Battlefront Ii," the official site was updated. It now exposes some details of Inferno Squad as well as new information about weapons added to the game and the role of the main characters of this new series of DICE.

The protagonist of the story

In "Star Wars - Battlefront II," we will take control of the elite unit Inferno Squad and the protagonist of the story, Iden Versio. This happens during the most complicated and desperate stage that the forces of the empire lived.

The official site update reveals that The Infernal Squadron is deeply committed to the rule of law. It acts as an imperial shield against the chaotic threat posed by the rebel alliance, unafraid of an uprising, attacks unseen and then disappears into the darkness of space.

When the story begins, you will accompany the Infernal Squadron in an adventure set in the desperate final moments of the Empire.

Additional information to take into account

It is worth noting, that the update of the official Star Wars: Battlefront II website gives an account of the adventures we will experience under the command of Inferno Squad.

"As majority control of the stellar systems escapes from the dying claw of the Empire, the Infernal Squadron struggles to fulfill the special orders given by the Emperor," the site notes.

"In the process, he will have to make difficult decisions and face unimaginable challenges."

According to information revealed by DICE, Infernal Squadron still believes in the Empire, even though the remains of the second Death Star float through space."

Finally, according to information filtered by a source close to DICE, in the next days, new details will be revealed as well as a new advance of the game. However, this information has not yet been confirmed by DICE yet.

That is all the information we know so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.