"Star Wars Battlefront 2" trailer is now out and it is causing a huge wave of excitement for fans of the series. After the bland reception of the previous installment, many of the problems are addressed with this upcoming game and many are extremely happy about it.

Finally a single player campaign

One of the major disappointments of the first "Star Wars Battlefront" was a lack of a single player campaign. Many felt that EA and DICE lost an opportunity to take advantage of the massive improvements on graphics and gameplay of the said game. Game critics have clearly pointed out that flaw and finally, it is now addressed.

However, they did not just address the flaw, they upped the ante and gave players a single player campaign from the Empire's point of view. This undoubtedly adds depth to the story as most "Star Wars" games focus on the rebels' side. This will definitely be an intriguing element of the game.

According to EA's website, the protagonist is Iden Versio. a female commander of the Inferno squad who is bent on destroying the rebel alliance after they destroyed the death star. it is intriguing how her story will tie in with the events after the destruction of the death star and before the rise of the first order.

Covers all eras in the 'Star Wars' lore

Aside from an extremely interesting single player campaign, fans are given the chance to play characters from every era in the "Star Wars" lore.

From "Clone wars" to the "The Last Jedi," iconic characters from each era will be playable in multiplayer. Darth Maul, the dark knight character of the "Clone wars" makes an appearance and who can say where the controversial Jar-Jar is also present in the game?

Class-based gameplay and Space Battles

Cooperation will be an essential factor in multiplayer gameplay for "Battlefront 2." The one-man army attitude of the previous game will be considerably reduced as players get to assume roles such as medics, snipers, machine gunners and more.

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This added element to multiplayer translates to a more dynamic gameplay, and increased preference to actual cooperation and strategic planning between people online. Also space battles are now part of the game modes in "Battlefront 2." Many are excited about this mode however EA advertises that the game mode will only feature up to 24 players.

When is the game released?

According to EA and Dice and if all goes well, the game is bound for release on November 17. A month before the release of the eighth movie of the "Star Wars" series, "The Last Jedi." it is expected that EA will release more details of this upcoming game at E3 on June 14-16 later this year.