According to a new report by the folks over at Soap central, former Will Horton portrayer, Chandler Massey (left), recently revealed the very happy news that he will be resurrecting his old "Days Of Our Lives" character from the dead at some point this year. The last time that we saw Will in action was way back in 2015 when he was busy getting killed off the show, so it'll certainly be interesting to see how they ultimately bring him back.

Very excited

Apparently, Chandler had actually quit the role back in early 2014 and was replaced by actor Guy Wilson before the character was ultimately killed off from the storyline.

But, never mind that, because now, according to a statement that he gave Entertainment Weekly, Chandler is very excited to be reprising the role he left behind, years ago.

He told them that he's very excited to be bringing Will back to freaking Salem, which is, of course, the place where this whole "Days Of Our Lives" drama takes place. He also mentioned that he just can't wait for the fans to see what the show has in store for his character and that they just really won't want to miss it. So, wow! Those are truly strong, promotional words, indeed.

Around September

Now, let's get into the logistics of things. We're hearing that we're not going to see the big return of Will, onscreen, until around September 2017.

This is due to DAYS' crazy production schedule. They film episodes way in advance of them actually airing. On a side note, we will also be seeing the return of Sami around this time. She's played by actress, Alison Sweeney.

Back to life

As of right now, we don't have any details about how they will be bringing the Will Horton character back to life.

Hopefully, we'll hear some new details in the coming weeks or months, leading up to his big return. It's also reported that head writer, Ron Carlivati, had a lot to do with bringing the Will character back, which would make a lot of sense since he is writing the script. Apparently, he had worked on similar characters while writing for other soap operas that are now defunct, except for General Hospital, which is still alive on ABC.

Very accomplished

As for Chandler Massey's resume, he is reportedly very accomplished, having won a whopping three Emmy Awards! He's appeared in a lot of other TV series, but the one I recognize the most is "One Tree Hill." That was a really good show. Anyways, he also hit up his official Instagram account to reveal his exciting comeback news with a picture of a "Days Of Our Lives" coffee mug, captioning it with the words: "I'm Back." So, that was pretty creative.

Billy Flynn said something

There was also a tweet spotted from one of his co-stars, Billy Flynn, who portrays the character Chad Dimera. He welcomed Chandler back and warned him to be prepared for many forehead kisses. So, that's sweet, I guess. Stay tuned.