Abby Lee Miller received her court sentence on May 9 for bankruptcy fraud and a lot of people anticipated that her former workmates on “Dance Moms” would reach out to console her. However, the 50-year-old choreographer revealed that no one from the show’s original cast contacted her, although some new ones tried to support her.

On the contrary, the reality show’s new host Cheryl Burke said in an interview with Us Weekly that it seems like nobody cares about the owner of Reign Dance Production’s verdict. The “Dancing with the Stars” pro talked about her experience as the new coach on the Lifetime show, and the reaction to Miller’s ruling.

Moms not affected by Miller’s verdict?

"I expect nothing but the best from the girls,” she said. But, it is still important for the 33-year-old dance instructor to make them “feel confident about themselves” as they are all talented and beautiful. Even though the girls feel upset with Miller’s ruling, Burke revealed that the moms on the show are not affected. With filming wrapped, the girls put more focus on themselves. She also said that the mothers, on the other hand, are not even saddened by the ruling.

Burke handling issues differently

Moreover, Burke revealed that she is also experiencing some drama with “Dance Moms” Season 8 mothers. However, she is dealing with them in a different way than Miller.

She admitted that her mother, too, is a “crazy dance mom” and the toughest part of it is to separate them from their kids.

It won’t be a problem for her if these moms decide to stay on the couch and talk for hours, but it will be a different story if they choose to stay in her room. “They have to ask for permission," she demanded.

She also added that although the mothers love the way she teaches their kids, they just can’t help but get overly involved. Hence, she confessed that they, too, are getting on her nerves, and she advised them to stay where they are supposed to be.

Burke slams Miller

Meanwhile, Burke also talked about Miller’s accusation that she will be treated differently as the new coach of “Dance Moms” Season 8.

She denied that the production team is treating her differently, and strongly believes that everyone is being handled equally on the show.

She also said that their job is to get their work done and it's not about the ratings or the budget they have. “You want to do it for the girls. It depends on where your heart is,” she insisted.