The Season 5 trailer of “Orange Is The New Black” has fans wondering if they will finally get answers to their questions from last season. The mixed drama-comedy series teases a possible uprising within the prison. This may be the best time for the ladies of Litchfield to say enough is enough as it is the moment that they have to fight back.

'OINTB' teaser

The new season of “OITNB” teaser showed the inmates joining forces in the uprising against the power that had been controlling them for the longest time.

Recalling what happened on the season 4 finale, the audience was left with a lot of cliffhangers.

For instance, Daya, portrayed by Dascha Polanco, was then holding the loose gun of CO Humphrey and aimed it back to him. Will she pull the trigger or not?

Moreover, since the officer has an abusive nature, other inmates around Daya will surely not stop her and might even push her to fire the gun. What caught the fans in so much shock was the death of Poussey, played by Samira Wiley and the question of how it will affect her best friend Taystee and girlfriend Soso. Poussey’s death did not only stun the characters in the series but the stars portraying them as well. For Wiley, she already knew the end of her character but her co-stars had no idea about it.

What to expect in the upcoming season

This incident is the turning point for the fifth season of “Orange Is The New Black”.

It has caused a riot that stirred up the blood of inmates for the redemption they have been wanting for so long and for the acquisition of respect they all deserve.

A month prior to the series’ Season 5 debut on June 9, the first three minutes of the most anticipated new season was shown in Netflix. Taylor Schilling, who plays the character of Piper Chapman, poured out some overviews for the next season.

The crisis that they are all experiencing inside the prison and the same issues that they are encountering, it boosts some alliances between them to fight together for a common mission.

For the last four seasons that the show is running, Jenji Kohan, the creator of “Orange Is The New Black,” was able to reflect the issues in reality.

It depicted stories that have personal connections with the viewers and unintentionally its honest portray of what the real world is like has become a sort of political perspective.

For the cast and people behind the production, it is more than just a show, it is a mirror of what is really happening. Through this, the audience can have their own awareness. As the season five of “Orange Is The New Black” is fast approaching, the show will start focusing in the repercussion of the riot in season four finale.