rachel lindsay is the first African-American lead on "The Bachelorette," so of course, they wouldn't want anyone who is racist joining the season. Lee Garrett has impressed everyone on the show already, but now a few tweets were revealed that make it sound like he might be a bit racist and fans are not impressed. These are older tweets, but they are still changing the way that people feel about him.

What did Lee Garrett say on his Twitter?

These tweets were allegedly posted by Lee Garrett back in 2015 and 2016. His Twitter account is private, and it says he is "Pleasantly Offensive." You can see some of the tweets below.

They are being shared all over now that they are out.

Another tweet is a joke about the KKK and NAACP that is very racist. Since these tweets were revealed, nobody has shared what they think about them. ABC, Lee Garrett, and Rachel Lindsay are all staying quiet, but the fans would love to hear their thoughts on it. Lee even shared a link to a story titled "thousands sign petition to recognize #BlackLivesMatter as a terrorist group after Dallas." If someone hadn't gone back and looked at all of these older tweets, then these would have never been revealed.

How does Lee act on the show?

Right now, Lee Garrett hasn't given anyone a reason to think that he is racist at all. He is a country singer that some people wonder if might be there for the wrong reasons, but that is it. He really seems into Rachel Linsday, and she likes him as well. Anytime that someone comes on the show that is an entertainer, people wonder if they are there for the right reasons or not, though.

He does have that going against him. Rachel seems intrigued by him and it seems like Lee will be there a while.

There is talk that Lee Garrett could end up on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer as well. If word keeps coming out about negative things that he has done, then they might think twice about putting him on the show.

Lee could really help his career and maybe even find love by getting to be on that show if things don't work out with Rachel Lindsay.

Are you shocked by Lee Garrett's tweets that recently were revealed? Do you think that Lee is racist? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" 2017 with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC. You will not want to miss the rest of this season and then hear the big announcement about who is going on to be on "Bachelor in Paradise."