Will Ferrell has wowed us over the years with scores of Hollywood comedic movies. The funny man was recently asked to do the commencement speech at the University of Southern California. As always Ferrell was expected to thrill the audience and this, he delivered effortlessly.

President Donald Trump unintentionally became one of his main targets. Ferrell in his address said he is still waiting for the U.S. President to send him a check for the money he owes him for the service he performed at his defunct university. Ferrell told the attendees that USC was not the first place he had done commencement speeches.

Jokingly, he said he had previously plied his trade at a deejay academy and a trucking school. However, he said his most memorable speech was given at the Trump University. But unfortunately, he still hasn't' received payment from Donald Trump.

Ferrell sings Whitney's "I Will Always Love You"

The comedian later said that, in fact, he owes the President for giving him the opportunity to speak at his prestigious for-profit university. Reportedly, Trump founded the educational facility in 2004. The establishment, however, was not an accredited facility and was ordered closed by the State of Florida. Donald Trump's school was embroiled in two class action lawsuits after several students contended that the institution defrauded them.

The class action lawsuit brought against Trump was settled in favor of the students.

Ferrell finished his initiation address at the University of Southern California with a version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," and you can already imagine the amount of laughter, his vocal initiative garnered. The popular Hollywood comedian once again proved that laughter can unite an audience, as everyone wholeheartedly laughed at his silly yet insightful jokes.

His scintillating effort garnered overwhelming applause from the graduates and their visitors. The "Saturday Night Live" funnyman said he graduated from USC in 1990 with a degree in game data. Ferrell joked that the program was difficult and problematic and was suspended eight years after he obtained his degree.

Dame Helen Mirren and Ferrell received doctorates

On Friday, Ferrell received his prestigious USC Doctorate from the university. Dame Helen Mirren, the renowned philanthropic, spinal cord specialist, and the main analyst in AIDS research also received honorary recognition. Ferrell joked that after Dame Mirren, then, it was his turn to be recognized for running exposed through the city of Montrose.

According to the funny man, both honorees kindred doctorates are just about even, in light of their respective accomplishments, he later added that they were now equal in stature. The comedian stated that his wife and children should address him as "Dr. Ferrell," because there are absolutely no exemptions.

Ferrell joked that when he first started out in Los Angeles, he never imagined in his wildest dream that he would progress to become a celebrity. He added that some of the most celebrated celebrities are from his college graduation class. The popular comedian said Rob Kardashian, John Wayne, and Neil Armstrong are honorary members of his graduating class.