As it turns out, CBS is bringing back "Code Black" for another season. The network officially confirmed the show's renewal on Sunday, May 14. "Code Black" aired its season 2 finale in February. Since then, followers of the show assumed that it wouldn't return for season 3 because CBS cut its episode order from 18 to 16.

'Code Black' gets the green light

Fans also pointed out that when CBS renewed "Code Black" for season 2 last year, many were surprised by the decision because the show had modest ratings at best. So, when "Code Black" returned for season 2, some changes were made to help the series grow and click with viewers.

Producers added Rob Lowe to the cast, along with new interns and fresh faces. Producers had to let go of some season 1 favorites as well.

Season 2 performed better than season 1 in terms of ratings. It had a 1.7 rating in its demographic and it only lost 15 percent of its original viewers, according to TV By The Numbers. CBS might have considered these numbers as promising enough to give the show a third year for the 2017-2018 season.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the series might have received a season 3 renewal because it's produced by both CBS Studios and ABC Studios. All in all, it's a tried and true business arrangement that works well for CBS.

One of the best medical dramas on the air

Regardless of the reason CBS brought "Code Black" back for another year, fans all agree that its renewal was well-deserved. Viewers can look forward to finding out what will happen after that cliffhanger ending from last season when the show returns in the fall.

While not exactly the greatest in terms of ratings, "Code Black" is one of the best medical dramas to come out in recent times.

It revolves around doctors and hospital staffers at the fictional Angels Memorial Hospital, which has been dubbed the "busiest ER in the United States." Other than Rob Lowe, the show also features Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Harry Ford, Boris Kodjoe, Melanie Chandra, Jillian Murray, and William Allen Young.