"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that most of the characters this week will face their own kind of disappointments. Some spoilers also reveal that Chad will be in deep trouble as he deals with te divorce from his wife Abigail. He is also set to pursue a mission in Greece and this might be the reason for his wife to pursue the divorce. On the other hand, Dario will face his own problem. He will need to take action as soon as possible in order for him not to be thrown away out of the country.

Chad and Abigail will face divorce issue

As the story continues, Chad will face certain issues with his life regarding his marriage and the personal mission that he will handle in Greece.

Spoilers indicate that Chad will be heading to Greece to make sure that Deimos won't get the amulet. However, Chad didn’t know that chasing such an amulet is a bad luck. Basically, nothing good is going to come out of Chad's mission. Will someone stop him from doing it?

On the other hand, his brother will work with Hope in order to stop him from chasing the amulet. Further, Sonny and Paul are also doing the same thing. All these guys will head to Greece and they will work against Deimos. Spoilers also reveal that Abigail will make her decision about her divorce. As Chad makes his way to Greece, Abigail will feel more confident that her decision is right and she is no longer contemplating spending more years with her husband. Abigail will be tired of chasing danger and this will place their relationship at stake.

Dario will be deported?

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers also reveal that Dario will be in trouble when he discovers that he will be deported. He will need to marry a citizen as soon as possible or he will be kicked out of the country. Dario will think of proposing to Abigail with the hope that she will help him out with his problem.

Elsewhere in Greece, spoilers reveal that JJ and Lani will share intimate moments together.

Their bond will grow stronger and spoilers also claim that Lani will give Eli some sort of advice and guidance. Eli believes that he needs to move on from Gabi, however, Lani will urge him to still hold on.

Basically, "Days of Our Lives" fans and viewers will be thrilled this week as situations heat up among the characters.

Some exciting scenes are on the way.

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