Those who regularly follow Flip or Flop” related news knows things have been anything but pretty between Tarek and Christina El Moussa as of late. The two announced their separation last year and have been going through a messy divorce ever since.

Tarek recently cracked a joke on Instagram

A few days ago, the “Flip or Flop” star took to Instagram to demonstration his harsh sense of humor while cracking a joke about Christina and his messy divorce. The picture – which Tarek almost immediately deleted from Instagram – featured him pointing to a “no guns or weapons” sign he was standing under. He added a picture of a finger flipping the bird with the word “helicopters.”

Those who have been following the El Moussa duo know the news of the separation broke following an altercation involving a fight and a gun.

According to the police report regarding the incident, Tarek caught Christina texting Gary Anderson. This resulted in him packing a firearm in his bag and taking off for a hike in the woods near the house. The police were called and a helicopter was used to locate Tarek in the woods.

Tarek claims the incident was blown out of proportion

When Tarek was located by the helicopter, he told the police he did not intend on harming himself or anyone else with the gun. He just took the gun to protect himself from wild animals while he hiked through the woods to blow off some steam. Whether the incident was blown out of proportion or not, it made headlines and wasn’t something anyone was going to forget anytime soon.

Christina fired back at the cruel joke

While Tarek El Moussa did delete the picture which many believed was a cruel jab at Christina and the divorce, news outlets were able to pick-up and screenshot the picture. Unsurprisingly, Christina caught wind of the picture. This “Flip or Flop” star, however, decided she had had enough. Perhaps Tarek shouldn't have posted it in the first place if he knew he was going to regret it shortly after.

“No time for bulls*** when you’re building an empire,” was the quote on the picture Christina shared on her Instagram. Most “Flip or Flop" fans assumed the picture was a jab at the cruel joke Tarek had made earlier. Was the picture Christina shared her way of telling Tarek he needed to grow up and move on?

While Tarek and Christina El Moussa are currently filming the next season of “Flip or Flop there is no denying fans are concerned about the future of the season.

After all, can the two continue to film new episodes with so much tension surrounding them?

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