Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was laid to rest today at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angels one week after his death at the age of 52. As reported on May 18th, the singer was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging at the MGM Grand Detroit just hours after what would become his final performance.

Chris Cornell's last words spoken to wife Vicky

New details have been revealed about Chris Cornell's final moments by his wife Vicky. According to TMZ reports, Vicky revealed to family and friends that she just knew things were very wrong when Chris made his final phone call to her.

Vicky's chilling account of Chris' last moments of life is a sad tale of drug abuse and suicide. She reportedly described her last conversation with her husband, which occurred just 30 minutes before security busted down the door of his hotel room to find the singer dead.

She revealed that, moments before Chris' phone call, she noticed the lights in their family room flickering on and off. She added that Chris had the light system set up through his phone so he could control them when they were away. As soon as she heard Chris' voice on the phone she claims the first thing she asked him was if he had adjusted the lighting. She stated that he denied doing so, but claimed he did an hour prior -- while he was on stage with the band.

That was red flag number one for the suspicious Vicky. Next, she noticed Chris slurring his words. Chris' mood was very agitated as he described his evening -- complaining that the show had not gone well and blaming his sound crew for screwing up the equipment. Finally, she asked him what he had taken, claiming he "did not sound right." The singer claimed he had taken 2 of his prescription Ativan pills.

She then hung up the phone and called her husband's bodyguard to go and check on him because something was really wrong with him. Chris' bodyguard found him hanging in his hotel suite. His death has been ruled a suicide. Officers and medical personnel on the scene stated that there were fresh needle marks on the singer's arm.

Memorial service

Vicky Cornell, however, claims she had never known her husband to use drugs intravenously, and that she hadn't noticed any needle marks on his arms the last time they were together a few days prior. The singer's memorial service was held today as family friends and celebrity pals including Brad Pitt, Courtney Love, Dave Grohl, Lars Ulrich, Gavin Rossdale, Pharrell, Billy Idol, Joe Walsh, Lisa Marie Presley, and Jimmy Page bid farewell to the singer.