"General Hospital" spoilers are coming out, and it sounds like things are not going well for Detective Nathan West. Maxie isn't around right now, and he was nice to Nurse Amy, which might have been a big mistake. Now new spoilers say that Amy is actually going to start cyber stalking him and things are going to get worse. It doesn't look like she is easily going to win Nathan over from Maxie, but that isn't going to stop her from trying.

What is Nurse Amy doing now?

At the Nurse's Ball, Amy Driscoll was there without a date. Detective Nathan West decided to be nice to her and say that they were together while she was walking on the red carpet and didn't have someone on her arm.

It was just as friends, though. Maxie not being there made it hard on him, but Nathan was just being nice to her. Maxie used to bully Amy a bit clear back in high school. Maybe she has it out for her now, but things aren't looking good.

Amy Driscoll has a second job besides being a nurse. This new job is actually online, and everyone found out that she used Nathan's picture for her column. That was bad enough, but it turns out that isn't all that she did. Amy is actually going to end up cyber stalking him. She is going to take advantage of the fact that Maxie is out of town. Everyone knows that she isn't a fan of Maxie and holds a grudge for things that happened years ago. If she could win over her man, that would probably make her pretty happy.

Only time will tell how this is going to turn out.

Amy will post pictures that aren't exactly true

Nurse Amy is going to be posting pictures that make it look like they are a couple. Nathan West is not going to be happy about this at all and will confront her over it. Amy is going to have to answer for it, though. It sounds like Amy is going to want to win Nathan over and see if she can split him and Maxie up.

So far, nobody knows if this will work, but if Maxie doesn't return to town soon, then it is going to make things a lot worse. If Maxie was to show up as all of this was going on then she might easily go after Amy. You know she won't be happy once she finds out what is going on.

Are you shocked to hear that Nurse Amy is going to start stalking Detective Nathan West?

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