"Charmed #3" has recently been released, and as usual, it tells the story of how the Charmed Ones fight against evil. It is the third issue from Dynamite, and the story arc is based on Season 11. It is issue number 3 of volume 8.

"Charmed" is still very popular, despite the fact the TV series ended over a decade ago. The show tells the story of The Charmed Ones - three witch sisters who use "Power of Three" to protect people from evil creatures. What made the series very popular is the interaction between the three sisters, who are so different from each other, but have a unique close-knit relationship.

'A Thousand Death's Part 3'

Because of the show's popularity, other media forms have been developed - video games, board games, and even books. "Charmed #3" is written by Erica Schultz. The plot says more demons have come into our world, and the Charmed ones think Djall is behind an attack in the gallery. The trio then decided to investigate to find out the truth.

A few days ago, a preview of "A Thousand Death's Part 3" has circulated online, and the book cover shows Paige who has demon hands around her. A few pages of the book was also teased, showing lines from our favorite sisters which will remind us a lot about their famous TV banters. Fans who have followed the series will find the little arguments in "Charmed #3" nostalgic.

The lines feel like an extended episode of the TV series, which will make readers settle in right away.

The book is not enough

Just like the series, the story of "Charmed #3" is fast-paced, and it really is a page turner. However, many critics agree that there are not enough subplots in the book. Also, if you have religiously followed the TV series, you will find that the visuals are not going to be enough at all.

It may be different for those who are not fans of the TV series, but "A Thousand Death's Part 3" leaves a lot of loyal "Charmed" fans wanting for more.

Many times, as the story progresses, it's difficult to understand who is talking to whom. That leaves readers of "Charmed #3" to be pulled out from the story, which can get frustrating, to say the least.

On the good side, though, the lines of the characters is the same as what's on TV, which fans will love.

Overall, the book is a good read, and it holds a lot of promise. The visuals can definitely be developed, but the lines and the plot are good. Many readers hope that the book will have a villain-of-the-week setup to make the series more fun and gripping. "Charmed #3" was released on May 10 for $3.99.