Ever since it was announced that Donald Trump had fired James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the White House has been forced to deal with non-stop criticism from the mainstream media. While it was expected that the press would be critical of Trump's decision, even some on the more conservative Fox News have decided to speak out.

Fox News on Trump

It's no secret that Donald Trump doesn't see eye to eye with media. During his campaign announcement back in June 2015, Trump referred to illegal immigrants as "rapists" and "murderers" and was quickly hit with heavy backlash from the press.

As the months moved on, Trump would often take shots at various news outlets on a routine basis, singling out well-respected platforms like the New York Times and CNN, while giving them his own nickname in the process. Since his election win last November, the rift between Trump and the media has only gotten worse, which appeared to reach a fever pitch earlier this year when the president banned several news outlets from a press briefing at the White House. Over the course of his war of words with reporters and journalists, the former host of "The Apprentice" always had a save space to go to on Fox News. However, certain hosts and network contributors have been highly critical of the president, especially over the firing of James Comey, which was seen during a broadcast on May 13.

(Krauthhammer's comment's start at 4:05 in the above video.)

Joining Friday's edition of "Special Report," network contributor Charles Krauthammer didn't hold back his thoughts about Donald Trump in regards to his firing of James Comey, and his handling of the aftermath. Krauthammer put the focus on Trump's recent tweets on the issue, in particular one where the president appeared to threaten the former FBI director.

"All of a sudden you're raising something nobody had imagined and saying you better watch out," Charles Krauthammer said. "That's un-presidential," he continued, before adding, "which is kind of a nice way of saying that that sounds more like a mafia boss than the president of a free republic." Not stopping there, Krauthammer blamed Donald Trump for the media backlash, accusing the commander in chief of a "self-inflicted wound" in regards to the negative response to the firing of Comey.

Moving forward

Charles Krauthammer is not the first Fox News personality to push back against Donald Trump for firing James Comey, as host Chris Wallace was equally as critical earlier in the week. Despise Trump insisting that he was in the right when it comes to terminating Comey, it doesn't look like he's going to get the press on board with his agenda anytime soon.