Many DC Comics fans are excitedly waiting for the upcoming "Justice League" movie later this year. That film will team Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg up for the first major DC Comics crossover film. However, another film with a version of the Justice League is in the works at Warner Bros. Doug Liman has signed on to direct "Justice League Dark," a movie that will deal with the magical and mystical side of the DC Comics universe.

What is this new Justice League movie?

For many non-comic book fans, the question to open things up is what is Justice League Dark?

As mentioned before, this is a group of magical and mystical superheroes that tackle issues that the regular Justice League are unequipped to handle. There was an animated film released earlier this year about them but this movie will be different from that. One interesting thing about the movie is that two members of the group from the DC Comics series have already had movies made about them in the past.

John Constantine and Swamp Thing

Movie fans first met John Constantine when the movie "Constantine" came out, starring Keanu Reeves. It was a good movie, if not overly authentic to the comic book character. A much more loyal adaptation came out a couple of years ago with the TV series "Constantine," a series starring Matt Ryan that many fans felt was canceled before its time.

The second well-known character for movie fans is Swamp Thing, who got two movies made about him back in the '80s. In the DC Comics universe, those two characters share a very interesting relationship. Other members of the team that might or might not appear in the movie version are Deadman, Zatanna, The Demon, and Madame Xanadu.

Doug Liman talks 'Justice League Dark'

Doug Liman has had an up-and-down Hollywood career. He directed "The Bourne Identity" but then lost the franchise to Paul Greengrass who made to movies that blew his out of the water. He earned a lot of geek love with his indie movie "Swingers" but then flopped with his original superhero sci-fi movie "Jumper." However, with "Edge of Tomorrow," Liman turned in a minor masterpiece.

With this movie, it seems that Liman knows what makes the group great. He said he wants to scale back from what DC Comics is doing with the major "Justice League" movie and do something smaller. Liman also said that he wants to focus on character, specifically that of John Constantine, and make a movie that is both crazy and full of "real horror elements."