Earlier this month, Ryan Seacrest made it into the headlines as he confirmed he would return to "American Idol" season 16. He felt assured of this considering that he has strong ties with ABC network. However, recent reports reveal that Seacrest is not happy with the amount of the salary that is being offered to him compared to the $25 million salary of Katy Perry. According to News com au, who cited Richard Rushfield, author of" American Idol: The Untold Story," he was asking himself why he should work for so much less than the newcomer.

Seacrest doubts about returning to the show is Perry's fault?

Ryan Seacrest, the "Live with Kelly and Ryan" host, started to question whether he'll accept "American Idol" salary of $10 million. To recall, he hosted the show for the past 15 seasons and apparently, he is supposed to return as host for the 16th installment. However, everything changed when Perry announced that she'll be getting an amount of $25 million as the main judge of the show.

Perry is proud of the pay she'll be getting. The singer even added that she feels proud being a woman who is getting paid more than any pretty guy.

Seacrest wasn't pleased with the salary negotiations but he still hopes that the deal will be changed given the fact that he has a huge affection for the show.

ABC is saving money for other judges?

ABC reportedly dumped $25 million to Perry for her to get on board as the main judge of "American Idol." On the other hand, ABC also wants Seacrest to be in the show and they should pay him with a good amount. Meanwhile, with these reports, there are speculations that claim how ABC is trying to save money on other judges in order to stabilize the show financially.

A huge salary for Perry is no joke as it adds tons of money to the series' operation. On the other hand, ABC has to consider that Seacrest's pay should not come cheap as he has been hosting his show in New York City. Basically, he has to travel from the city to Los Angeles in order to attend the live shows for "American Idol."

In the recent email newsletter of Richard Rushfield, author of “American Idol: The Untold Story,” he wrote that the show would require Seacrest to make cross-country trips.

Nonetheless, ABC spokesperson told Rushfield that they do not make comments about negotiations over salary. Another insider reportedly said that in fact, Perry will not be getting $25 million.

The story which was originally published in the New York Post has indicated that Seacrest is "hopeful that a deal can be reached given his affection for the show."