When Nicki Minaj said on Twitter that she was going to pay College Tuition for students with good grades, fans were quick to send what she requested.

The good samaritan

On Saturday, the rapper started tweeting about the Billboard Music Awards on May 21 where she encouraged fans to join her. One fan proposed that the singer-rapper pay for their college fees instead. She then started tweeting offers to pay college tuition, loans, and other school-related bills.

Soon enough her Twitter exploded with students and their requests.

There were some who asked for hundreds of dollars, while some requested thousands. Some students asked for books, classes, and tuition fees. The rapper was indeed serious about this and she checked pictures of the report cards as well. One fan requested $3000 as payment for three classes. The generous giver asked for the bank information of the student and said she would pay it the next day.

Nicki Minaj, after receiving requests and agreeing to pay several fees ended her generous education charity spree. The rapper, however, said she do the same activity in a month or two.

In addition, she found the activity fun and assured recipients that the payment would come the next day.

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper, weeks earlier, also helped raise a fund for arts and literature education involving public schools in Chicago.

It can be recalled that in the late part of March, Chance announced that the NBA Basketball team, the Chicago Bulls had donated $1 million to the campaign. This was part of his effort to raise $215 million for students all over the Windy City.

She walks her talk

The generous activity of the rapper Nicki Minaj was a great deed, however, there are still some who raised their eyebrows, claiming that it was just another act of publicity.

Upon checking with those fortunate recipients of the rapper's generosity, they confirmed that they received the funds as promised.

In 2016, Nicki Minaj, according to several reports, earned $20.5 million. She is the sixth highest earner listed on Forbes' Top 10 list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings in 2016.