Despite the different criticisms that "13 Reasons Why" faced for the past few months, this Selena Gomez produced series has delivered the kind of message that they wanted to convey the viewers. Since it started airing on Netflix, the series became the most-binged show of the network. With its ongoing popularity, one of its showrunners revealed that the upcoming Season 2 is not far from happening on TV.

Brian Yorkey reveals plot details

In "13 Reasons Why" season 1, Hannah Baker was the center of the story and the different tapes she recorded before she ended her life.

Meanwhile, the showrunner Brian Yorkey also revealed that season 2 will no longer center on her character, instead, it will have a new story that will fill in the gaps during the previous season.

Yorkey teased that the second installment will pick up its story after a couple of months that season 1 has ended. Further, each episode will still have voice overs but Baker will no longer be doing it anymore. Hence, it is safe to say that the upcoming season will have its new narrator.

On the other hand, the second season will also dive deeper into the story of Jessica. She will be featured going back to school and trying to recover from what had happened to her. Further, the second franchise will also center on the way boys are raised nowadays and on the way these boys treat girls according to their culture.

Apparently, "13 Reasons Why" season 2 is set to burn the questions that were left hanging on its first installment. Further, it will also deeply explore on events like bullying, rape, and different suicide attempt.

Series release date to be revealed

Brian Yorkey has been excited sharing the plot details of the upcoming installment.

He also revealed that Hannah Baker's story isn't over yet. Meanwhile, with all these details spilled out by Yorkey, the season 2 release date hasn't been revealed yet.

Nonetheless, the network already confirmed that it will be returning soon to air. Further, it is also expected that the show's main casts will reprise their roles and will address the different issues behind "13 Reasons Why." On the other hand, some parents and school officials were still not pleased on the popularity of the series.

Hence, when these new episodes arrive, Netflix will still likely post warnings on each episode before the series will start. But the production will always make sure that its graphic contents will never be altered.