The previous episode of "Fargo" season 3 showed Emmit's wife Stella leaving him because of a sex tape that was delivered to their front door. The tape was not intended for her, but Nikki's hare-brained plans worked otherwise. This is all done so that Emmit will give Ray and Nikki $100,000, however, his wife saw it instead.Viewers know that the person on the tape is not Emmit at all, but his brother, Ray.

Ray and Nikki's attempts against Emmit and his money are very unsuccessful. Emmit told Sy about it and asked him to fix it, no matter what it takes.

Sy meets with Nikki to confront her about their blackmail stunt, but the latter just doubled her demands to $200,000 instead. While they are negotiating, Yuri and Meemo - who have been following Sy all along - beat Nikki ruthlessly. She is alive, but she barely made it, and now, it's time for revenge.

The next episode of "Fargo" is going to be an exciting one. The rivalry between the Stussy brothers (both played by Ewan McGregor) has just gotten more intense, and some spoilers suggest that someone may die soon. Episode 6 will also show Gloria getting an inch closer to finding out the truth behind Ennis' death, now that Olivia has pieced the puzzle together, and the Stussy brothers are main parts of this jigsaw puzzle.

“The House of Special Purpose”

"Fargo" season 3 episode 5 just teased that the conflict between Emmit and Ray is going to be worse. Emmit may try to talk to his wife and explain that the person on the tape is really his brother to try to win her back. Spoilers for the next episode show that Emmit is going to try to make things right.

However, viewers know for sure that Ray and Nikki are not going to stop there, and as a matter of fact, they are now plotting to exact revenge.

The synopsis for "Fargo" season 3 episode 6 has just been released, and it says that Gloria and Winnie will get closer to the truth, and they will move ahead with their investigation.

The next episode titled "The Lord of No Mercy" will also show Ray and Nikki decide it's payback time, while Varga will clean up a mess.

Ray proposed to Nikki while doing the blackmail tape

"Fargo" season 3 episode 5 also showed Ray finally proposing to Nikki, and it happened in an awkward way too - mid-sex tape. He admitted that he is in love with Nikki, and now that the lovebirds are going to be busy plotting their revenge, any wedding plans may have to be placed in the backseat for now. "Fargo" season 3 episode 6 is set to be released on May 24.