This weekend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson steps in as host of "SNL" for the 5th time, but the season finale episode also marks the departure of one of the current cast's longest serving players. After 9 seasons of the show, Bobby Moynihan has announced he will not be returning this fall.

Created memorable characters like 'Drunk Uncle'

During his tenure at "SNL," Moynihan created some memorable characters including secondhand reporter Anthony Crispino and Weekend Update's Drunk Uncle. He also impersonated real-life celebrities like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Food Network's Guy Fieri, and Snooki from MTV's "Jersey Shore."

At the time of his departure, the only "SNL" cast member who has been a part of the show longer than Moynihan is Kenan Thompson.

With 14 seasons under his belt, Thompson holds the record of longest serving player to ever appear on the show.

Beginning this fall, Moynihan is set to star in a new half-hour comedy on CBS called "Me, Myself and I." That series will follow a single character through the five decades of his life with Moynihan starring as the character in his 40s.

While appearing on "SNL,'" Moynihan has also established himself as a successful voice-over actor. He provided the voice of a dog named "Mel" in 2016's "The Secret Life of Pets" and will be featured in an episode of the forthcoming "DuckTales" reboot. He also stars as the voice of "Panda" in Cartoon Network's highly acclaimed "We Bare Bears."

"SNL" finale to Star Johnson, Katy Perry

As of Saturday, Johnson will join the elusive "Five-timers' Club," the explanatory-titled group for repeat hosts of "SNL." He joins Melissa McCarthy, who was granted the group's infamous purple smoking jacket by Steve Martin during last weekend's episode.

Johnson is appearing as host to promote his upcoming summer blockbuster, the "Baywatch" reboot.

Brand new judge of ABC's "American Idol" revival, Katy Perry will be on-hand as the evening's musical guest. In the past, she has acted in skits as well as performed live. In addition to promoting her role on the new "American Idol,"

Perry is working to promote her upcoming, dance-infused album, "Witness." Tickets are also about to go on sale for her fall tour, with 43 North American dates already released -- Witness: The Tour begins September 7 and runs until early 2018. $1 from the sale of each ticket will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America.