There are many fans on social media stating that they want to see Mary and Elizabeth meet in “Reign” season 4. This is the last chance for the two characters to come face-to-face with each other. However, there are some slight flaws in this wish. Here’s a look at three reasons the two queens should never meet.

Mary and Elizabeth never met in real life

Reign” has a habit of changing history, but there are certain elements that have always remained the same. Francis still died, Mary still married Darnley, and Mary will likely be executed in the series finale.

In real history, Mary and Elizabeth never actually met. They’d written to each other and had messages passed between them, but never did either of them come face-to-face. It’s something that the “Reign” writers shouldn’t really change.

There is something sad about the two queens never getting to meet. They were constant forces in their lives; always needing to be one step ahead of the other. They both had a strong claim to the same throne, backed by different sides of technically the same religion. Yet the two never got to meet to talk things through and potentially learn to trust one another. Mary never got to meet the woman who would sign her death warrant. Who knows what that would have done to Mary’s mental state, and it would be a good storyline to see on the show.

There’s no need for the two to meet

If fans took their hearts out of the equation, many would admit that there’s actually no need for Mary and Elizabeth to meet. The writing would be done to serve a purpose to the fans, but wouldn’t necessarily make sense for the show as a whole. While the two are constantly against each other, fighting for the same throne, they have people who can pass on messages for them.

There is absolutely no need for the two to meet. It serves the show better keeping them apart, so both have to work out the truth without seeing body language and facial expressions. It makes them both smarter queens.

‘Reign’ has never been about Elizabeth

From the very first episode, its been extremely clear that “Reign” has always been about Mary.

It was only in season 3 that the show decided to bring Elizabeth and the English court into the show. Why Elizabeth when Mary Tudor was constantly mentioned throughout the first two seasons?

Introducing Elizabeth has brought in a new court dynamic for sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean better. Elizabeth’s storyline has pulled away from Mary’s. Fans see the plans before some of the action happens. Some elements have taken away from Mary’s storyline. The last seven or so episodes of “Reign” should be focused on the one person this show was always predominately about: Mary.