NBC’s “Powerless” isn’t the most exciting show on TV right now, but there is a small fan base. That small fan base is interested in this week’s episode, but it’s clear that nobody really knows what the episode is going to be about. After an unscheduled week off, NBC has completely messed up the scheduling and there’s no video available on YouTube to see the trailer.

Unexpected two week break from ‘Powerless’

Two weeks ago, fans tuned into NBC at 8:30pm on Thursday night expecting to see a new episode of Powerless” season 1. Instead, they got a repeat of the “Trial & Error” series premiere, disappointing and angering people.

They quickly took to Twitter to find out what was happening, only to get misinformation and no answers.

Even the showrunners weren’t expecting the break. The first week break had been planned and scheduled, but this second one was only decided hours before the episode aired. TV guides hadn’t had a chance to plan for this, and fans tuned into their recorded episodes to find that they didn’t have what they wanted. It led to many tweeting NBC directly to find out why a new episode didn’t air.

Last week wasn’t ‘Powerless’ season 1, episode 7

Now NBC has completely messed up the schedule. It looks like the network decided to skip an episode to get the show back on track, so it can finish in two weeks as initially planned.

This means an episode won’t be aired, and it looks like episode 7 was the one taken off the air. Fans were meant to see an episode of Van vs. Emily, where Emily fought to get her own office. Instead, they were treated to episode 8 “Emergency Punch-Up.”

This is a problem for this week. Right now, TV Guide says that this week’s episode is supposed to be the one that fans have just seen.

Instead, we’re likely getting episode 9, which fans have no idea about. There are no YouTube videos with trailers available to give any clues about the episode.

A jump ahead on the TV Guide for next week does bring up the synopsis for episode 9. It will be called “Green Furious.” Emily will be at her first ever board meeting at Wayne Security, where she offers a grand idea that she will need to deliver on.

At the same time, Teddy is trying to get the attention of Green Fury, who is someone that Emily will need to work with. Jackie’s daughter will also appear in the episode again, and will instantly bond with Wendy.

Messing around with the schedule isn’t a great idea if NBC wants the show to succeed. It’s difficult for “Powerless” fans to bond with the characters and grow attached to the world. Who knows what the next episode is actually going to be.