One of the most surprising successes in 20Th Century Fox history on the superhero film front was the Ryan Reynolds-led "Deadpool," and for good reason. Back when the "Van Wilder" star was breaking into the genre with "Blade Trinity," he was already dropping some seriously funny one-liners not meant for young ears, and it flopped.

Sadly, it also took him through some equally critically derided films known as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (which changed his character so much that fans wouldn't forgive Fox for their decision) and "Green Lantern." Both of these films ended up fodder for the humor which permeated the February 2016 "Deadpool" release.

It all added to what fans have loved about Deadpool: He knows what medium he's in and he breaks the fourth wall constantly, a few times mentioning those flops.

The tease at the end of the first film is now officially true

If you've seen the first film, you know that Ryan Reynolds, in his red suit, paid homage to the very first film with an after credits scene. Going full "Ferris Beuller," he teased that Cable would be in the sequel, though nobody really knew it yet. Since "Deadpool" had become such a success after little more than a leaked clip, and Ryan Reynolds happened to raise enough money to fund it, Fox knew they had something. It was a film funded by fans and made for fans.

"Deadpool 2" will have a significantly higher budget due to its predecessor's earnings.

We can probably expect a few more than two more X-Men to show up (Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus), and one of them is Josh Brolin as Cable. Zazie Beets is also set to play Domino. This would be the second major role Brolin has played in a Marvel Comics originated film, with the first being Thanos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cable will be a villain but may partner with Deadpool in the end

Any fan of the merc with a mouth knows that Deadpool's most famous counterpart was the offspring of Cyclops (Nathan Summers) sent back in time to stop the mercenary in tights from doing a job he was paid for. After realizing that Wade Wilson wasn't really a threat deep down (just insane), Cable ended up being Deadpool's "straight man."

Josh Brolin has proven himself before as a young Agent K in "Men in Black 3," copying Tommy Lee Jones' mannerisms like he was born with them.

As mentioned before, he's also been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) successfully stopped Red Skull in the first "Captain America." He's even played the Role of the ex-President George W. Bush.

With this degree of acting talent, Ryan Reynolds might have found his ultimate acting partner.