"Walking Dead" fans are back in waiting mode after Season seven's finale last Sunday. We now have a long 6-month wait for Season 8. So, what is a "Walking Dead" fan to do for six long months? Grab every possible, potential spoiler for the upcoming season 8 that they can get their hands on.

Fans reveal what they expect from future episodes of 'TWD'

This is one of the first "Walking Dead" Season 8 potential spoilers so far, but it is early yet. There is major speculation that fans could very well see the return of fan favorite character Glenn Rhee in Season 8.

Now, we all know that there is no way Glenn can return from the dead, even as a zombie after that brutal Lucille bashing Negan laid on him in Season 7. However, there is a way that Steven Yeun could return to the show for at least a few guest spots. Yes, he could show up to lend Maggie some words of wisdom as she takes control of the Hilltop community as their leader.

'TWD' fans want to see Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee in Season 8: How could that happen?

In fact, wouldn't it be cool if Glenn stuck around as Maggie's guardian angel even if it is only in her mind? This is not to say that Maggie needs to go bonkers with it, just some comforting scenes to help Maggie muddle through the zombie apocalypse.

Now, here is the best part, "Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple is teasing fans, saying that seeing Glenn's return is a possibility.

“I’d be silly to say it isn’t," Gimple said. (Comic Book).

When would it be a good time for Glenn to appear to Maggie? Ask any fan and they will say, anytime, but as far as storylines go that make sense.

Most likely it will be when Maggie goes into labor, or two, when she finds herself in a tight spot and needs a little reassurance, or when Maggie meets someone else, Glenn could show up and tell her that it's okay to move on.

Here are a few other potential spoilers that may, or may not ever come to life in Season 8. Carl Grimes, this guy needs to grow up a bit more, and find a girlfriend.

Comic book spoilers claim that in the near future Carl will leave Rick's protective side and head out on his own, then he will meet a gal who will also rob Carl of his innocence.

Next, something interesting has to happen with Daryl Dixon. Poor Daryl, season seven was rough on him, but not particularly interesting. He needs some adventure, and a love affair wouldn't be out of the question.

What would you like to see go down in the "Walking Dead" Season 8?