Recently, the TV Line peeps got to chat up "The Walking Dead" showrunner, Scott Gimple, to get some early season 8 spoiler scoops out of him, and they were able to get something. It turns out that we're going to see season 8, take a more fast-moving pace. The momentum is also going to shift in an entire different direction. It was revealed that Negan definitely needs to watch out for Jadis more than she needs to watch out for him. She's definitely not be trusted, and is waiting to exploit any advantage that she can, and more!

Jadis can't be trusted

After talking about poor Sasha's death for most of the article, they finally got to some sort of season 8 teaser intel. They started the spoiler teaser stuff off by talking about Jadis' betrayal, and how she really just can't be trusted by neither Rick or Negan. Scott told them that Jadis is clearly a businessperson. She's not sentimental in any way. She only gives a damn about her people, who are just really all about themselves. Shew is also very smart and fully aware that things could go bad for her at any point in time. After that, he said something very interesting, saying that Negan should actually be the one to watch out for her, and not the other way around. Jadis is definitely someone who will take any advantage she can get her hands on and use it.

Different momentum

Lastly, Scott talked about what the big war will be like in season 8. He started things off by revealing that it'll definitely be different. It turns out that they will meet up every weekend in Alexandria to do it. There are going to definitely be some twists and turns. Some of them will feature small scale things, while others will feature some larger scale things that will deliver an entirely different momentum to the storyline.

The narrative is going to change a lot now that the various factions are in public conflict. Lastly, Scott summed up his description of the season 8 storyline by describing it as being more kinetic and fast-moving.

As previously reported, season 8 will feature another 16 drama-filled episodes, and is scheduled to premiere in late 2017 sometime. No specific premiere date has been announced yet. We're guessing we'll see another October premiere date. Stay tuned.