Hollywood is an industry that requires its participants to constantly keep evolving. It offers plenty of opportunities to talented individuals who have put in the hours, and Tobey Maguire certainly is one of those individuals who has paid his dues. The talented actor has spent a lot of time in front of the camera but he is finally set to do some work behind it with his directorial debut "Blood On Snow."

Love versus loyalty

Tobey Maguire will be adapting the hit Jo Nesbo novella “Blood On Snow” for the big screen and the script for the film will be written by the Norwegian author himself.

The story is centered around the life of a hitman named Olav, a man with a certain flair for storytelling and executing targets to perfection.

He is employed by one of the most powerful crime bosses in Norway and has made a career out of keeping his boss happy. Things take a drastic turn in Olav’s life when his boss asks him to murder his adulterous wife on his behalf. As he prepares to execute his boss' wife, he begins to fall for her and is eventually torn between his duty and his emotions.

What to expect

Jo Nesbo’s work has been critically-acclaimed around the world and quite a few of his project are being adapted for various mediums. One of his novels, “The Snowman” is being adapted by Tomas Alfredson for Universal Studios and will star Michael Fassbender in the leading role.

Another one of his novels – “The Son” is being adapted by Denis Villeneuve and will star Jake Gyllenhaal.

The film is being produced by Grey Matter, the production house responsible for last year's super film “Lights Out." Tobey Maguire has also produced his fair share of films like “Pawn Sacrifice, "Z for Zachariah," and “The 5th Wave” in the recent past, so he is no stranger to the background processes involved in filmmaking.

There has been a recent surge of first-time film makers in the industry, with more production houses willing to invest in long-time actors behind the lens. A recent success story involves Jordan Peele's break-out horror hit "Get Out" that managed to take theaters by storm. The comedic actor displayed his versatility in different mediums, thereby putting him in the frontrunner position of Director for the upcoming remake of "Akira."

Tobey Maguire has had a pretty topsy-turvey career so far, but it will be fascinating to see him direct for the first time. Fans of the actor will be wishing him all the success in the world in his latest venture.