Only a few films have ever managed to become as iconic as the 1988 anime “Akira." The original film that was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo remains a cult-classic and has been considered for adaptation by Hollywood numerous times. After being seemingly dead and buried, the project has made a resurgence and is now seeking its director. The success or failure of the upcoming "Ghost In The Shell" remake may also have a huge impact on the fate of this film.

Saving Neo-Tokyo

The original version of “Akira” was set in the distant future, in a neon-filled, graffitied haven called Neo-Tokyo.

The story tells the tale of Kaneda, the leader of a biker gang desperately searching for his friend Tetsuo. Unfortunately for Kaneda, a bizarre set of circumstances leads to Tetsuo gaining immense psychic abilities. Tetsuo uses these newfound abilities to wreak havoc on a city that has long ignored his kind, which is why Kaneda assembles the rest of his friends to help Tetsuo before the authorities get to him.

The remake of “Akira” has already sought after many directors such as the Hughes brothers (“From Hell”), and Ruairi Robinson (“The Last Days On Mars”). Now that the project is back on the table again, it appears that Jordan Peele has emerged as the frontrunner, based on the performance of his recent break-out horror hitGet Out." Despite being Peele’s directorial debut, the film has done incredibly well and continues to make a mark around the world.

Warner Bros clearly wants to bank on the success of this rising director by signing him on board for the long delayed project.

What to expect

Although there is no confirmation regarding the future of this project it appears that Warner Bros is keener than ever to hit the ground running this time around. The original film was ground-breaking because of its choice of tone, epic soundtrack, and highly stylized action.

Jordan Peele is a different breed of director, one who understands cinematic tropes so well that he can subvert them at will. His unique point of view might infuse some much-needed life into this project and ensure that we indeed get the long awaited remake of “Akira." Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.