Powerless” looked to be an exciting new show with a very different take on the DC universe. There was plenty of hope when it started, but the NBC program didn’t pick up the viewers hoped for by the network. While the network knew that it wasn’t going to be a show that did well live, the streaming figures haven’t been high enough to keep the show going.

Fans who want to see “Powerless” continue need to keep tuning in to give NBC some reason to keep it going. However, the show also needs to do something different, especially if it does get a second season and another chance to impress.

Here are three things that need to happen for the superhero comedy.

Be more original

There’s no doubt about it that lack of originality isn’t helping the DC show. “Powerless” certainly had the chance to be original. It took a different angle on the usual action-packed shows, focusing on the comedic elements of destruction that happens. However, fans were left disappointed when the characters were all very stereotypical of comedy programs.

Right now, the show is trying to be a mixture of other shows already on the air. If “Powerless” wants to stand out, it needs to take some risks to step out of the shadows.

Stop with the forced one-liners

There are times that the show has been funny and sometimes without meaning to.

There are some excellent actors, but they’re just not getting the lines necessary to keep the show alive. Right now, the writers need to stop forcing the fans to laugh. The first two episodes were the worst, but they were also forgivable. Fans were learning the characters and setting.

Now the show has a chance to be humorous in other ways.

It’s time for the writers to take some risks and stop only appealing to a younger audience.

Consider moving to a different network

NBC hasn’t helped the struggle for “Powerless.” After a one week break, the network canceled another week at the last minute. Now the viewing order has been messed with, and fans don’t really know what to expect from the show this week.

Plus, the show isn’t particularly aimed at the NBC audience.

This is more of a teenager show. It would be better on the network with all the other superhero shows; the CW channel. Failing that, it could move to Netflix or another streaming service to do better.

“Powerless” season 2 isn’t likely to happen. The ratings are poor, both live and digital. The show needs to make some major changes to survive and there isn’t enough time with only a handful of episodes left.