Bella Thorne, 19, wants to date a girl. The teen star gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar magazine where she talked about fame, love and life. The actress came out as bisexual last year, so it's not surprising that she wants to have a serious relationship with a girl. It is hard for her to determine if a girl is in love with her or if she just wants to be her friend, so she will have to be careful when she falls in love. Since Bella publicly confessed her bisexuality, her public image radically changed, leaving behind the naive Disney girl she was in the past.

The artist feels that many people don't understand her but she trusts that in the future bisexuality will be something commonplace.

Searching for love

The teen actress hates being single, she misses feeling special to someone. She also talked about how dificult it is to have an affair with someone famous since people get into that relationship from social networks. Bella knows what she is talking about, since her last two boyfriends were the singer Charlie Puth, 25, and the actor Tylor Posey, 25, and both experiences were negative. Bella has a moral principle to be faithful in relationships because she prefers to dedicate herself to one person. The artist notices that not everyone has the same principles as she does, so she will have to choose her next partner carefully.


Bella has no problem saying which celebrity she likes. She thinks Kristen Stewart, 27, is sexy, pretty and fascinating. Unfortunately, the "Café Society" star is in a relationship with top model Stella Maxwell, 26. Bella also likes Demi Lovato, 24, whom she considers beautiful. This fascination is matched, as the singer also believes Bella is fabulous.

Demi is dating Guilherme Vasconcelos, 31, a Brazilian MMA fighter, so she would not be available to Bella. Still, Thorne has not given up on finding love.

Since Bella stopped working for the Disney Channel, she feels better than ever. Now the actress shows herself as she is, because when she worked for Disney, they would not even let her think for herself or make her own decisions. People could not really know her and that frustrated her. She felt like a puppet, but now she is happy because people can meet the "real Bella."