As many know, President Donald Trump is a hot topic. This has been the case since he decided to run for office and announced his campaign. Many news outlets and daytime talk series are discussing every move the President makes.

In recent months, the ladies on 'The View' have become some of the biggest opponents to the Trump cabinet.

"The View" is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sonny Hostin, Jedediah Bila, and Sara Haines. The show is aired daily at 11 AM ET. Almost on a daily basis the women are discussing the President and the decisions he makes.

Some of the most recent shows have discussed President Trump's daughter Ivanka addressing people who call her complicit. On the show, the ladies show a clip of an interview held with Ivanka. Many of the ladies have varying views on her role in the White House. Sonny Hostin states that she is confused by her role in the White House because she is a First Daughter and should not even be in on the conversations. Host Jedediah Bila comes back with her opinion on the matter. She states that she believes that it is good that Ivanka is in on the conversations. She feels that she is working toward stopping her father from making any crazy decisions without thinking.

The ladies also discuss the people that have been chosen by President Trump to serve on his cabinet.

Much of the time the women are in agreement and oppose Trump and his nominees. This is very telling of how many Americans think because the women are of all races and political backgrounds.

So what does the President of The United States think of the ladies on 'The View?'

In a tweet from President Trump on March 24, 2016, he called all of the women on the show "Brain-dead puppets." He also has made many tweets asking ABC to replace the cast or cancel the show.

It is obvious that the President of The United States is not a fan of "The View." It is also just as obvious that the ladies on the show are not fans of him either. Many think that the show is becoming antagonistic of the President. Many others believe that he chose to be in the role he is in and should learn to better deal with any opposition that comes his way. Regardless of what you think, "The View" has many very interesting conversations about the President and current events involving him.