Sorry ladies! Do not wait for the mail for your invitation to Jenelle's upcoming Wedding to David Eason. Jenelle revealed that she would not be inviting a single one of her fellow cast members to her marriage. The uninvited guests include fellow cast members Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Chelsea Houska. Jenelle claims that she wants her wedding to be an intimate affair with only the people closest to her. She says that "I'm not too close of friends with any of them."

The uninvited guests do not stop there.

The Wilmington, North Carolina resident, is also unsure if her mother Barbara will most likely not be in attendance either.

The two have experienced a very rocky on screen and off screen relationship. Evan's oldest son Jace has lived with her mother his entire life. Jenelle had a history of drug abuse and lost her son after being arrested for her previous party life. Jenelle spoke of her relationship with her mother. She said "The relationship with my mother is the same as it has always been, sadly. We have not decided if she will be invited or not. Our relationship is getting more damaged by the day, but I have already told her this." It does not seem as if there is much hope for the relationship between Jenelle and her mother.

Let us look at the more positive points.

Jenelle Evans is looking forward to her well deserved happily ever after.

She has been in many abusive relationships in the past. This includes her previous marriage with Cortland Rogers. The two abused heroin together and later were arrested for crimes related to her drug use. Jenelle has since cleaned up her life. She has had other bad relationships since her divorce, but she has tried her best to clean up her life.

She is now a mother of three. Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. The mother of three has also recently gotten engaged to the father of her youngest and is planning a wedding. The couple has purchased some land and are building a home and life together. Evans seems to be out of the drama finally and has not had any recent arrests on her record.

It seems as if David Eason has a way of centering Jenelle Evans. They seem to balance each other out. He also appears to have her best interest at heart. In one episode of "Teen Mom 2" Eason told Evans that he would be happy to adopt her son Kaiser if his father stepped out of the picture. He also proved his concern when Evans was getting upset at the reunion show, and he stepped in and helped her leave the scene. The couple may not be perfect, but who is? All in all, they seemed to be planning a beautiful and quiet wedding full of happiness and surrounded only by their closest friends.