Stars are celebrating Earth Day 2017 and supporting the first-ever March for Science through their social media networks. Leonardo DiCaprio, Troian Bellisario, George Takei, and Ellen DeGeneres have taken it to Twitter and Instagram to post sweet messages on this day.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Events are held in different parts of the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The day is being celebrated in more than 160 countries, and famous fashion models and actors take it to social media to support the March for Science.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Born in 1974, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most successful and richest Hollywood actors. He began his career from television commercials in 1990, and then played minor roles in “Santa Barbara,” and “Growing Pains.” His most prominent projects are “Critters 3,” “This Boy's Life,” “Romeo + Juliet,” “Titanic,” and “Avatar.”

DiCaprio requested his fans through Twitter to support Earth Day.

He is one of the biggest supporters of the event and regularly participates in the March for Science.

Troian Bellisario

Troian Avery Bellisario invited her fans to the marches and requested them to do something good for the environment. This celebrity believes that we have a close link with the plants and animals, and should adequately protect them from being vanished.

Born in 1985, she is widely famous for portraying Spencer Hastings in “Pretty Little Liars.” Troian is the daughter of producers Donald P.

Bellisario and Deborah Pratt and was born in California. Her best works include “Quantum Leap,” “First Monday,” and “NCIS.” She is married to famous actor Patrick J. Adams.

George Takei

George Takei is a famous American actor, filmmaker, author, and activist, with Japanese descent. He is best known for portraying Hikaru Sulu in the TV series “Star Trek.” This Hollywood icon encouraged everyone to drink pure water.

He believes that it is our right to live in the clean and safe environment.

George asked his fans to join him for the March for Science. He is a proponent of LGBT rights and has been an active politician.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in 1958. She is a successful comedian, TV presenter, actress, writer, and producer of the era. DeGeneres starred in the famous sitcom “Ellen,” and hosted a syndicated talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

She posted an emoji of herself with earth-shaped hearts over her eyes, leaving a good message for her fans.

Ellen says that Earth is our eye, and we should protect it from pollution and other dangers. The actress believes that keeping Earth clean, and safe isn’t a duty of politicians, it’s our responsibility. We should fully protect the planet if we want to provide our kids with a healthy environment.