"The Blacklist" heated up last week with a two-part episode as Dembe tried to find out who was after Raymond Reddington (Red). Reddington found out that Mr. Kaplan, a.k.a Kathryn, is still alive. She is digging up all the bodies, literally, of those Reddington had killed. The connection between Mr. Kaplan and Elizabeth was revealed, as well Red's connection to Katerina, Elizabeth's mother. Now he's working with the FBI to find Philomena. Philomena has been hired by Mr. Kaplan to kidnap different people, working for Reddington so that she can expose him and bring his empire down because he tried to kill her.

Philomena kidnaps Reddington's finance guy

Mr. Kaplan hired Philomena to kidnap Reddington's finance guy. Reddington puts all of those who work for him on alert that they may be kidnapped as well. Reddington drops Elizabeth off at her apartment. He wants to visit with her daughter Agnes. Elizabeth makes him promise that he won't hurt Mr. Kaplan when he finds her. He won't make the promise, and so Elizabeth goes up alone to find Mr. Kaplan in her apartment with Elizabeth's daughter Agnes. Mr. Kaplan reveals her connection to Elizabeth and explains that she is doing what she is doing to protect Agnes since she failed to protect Elizabeth.

Philomena rides a bicycle into the street and causes a car accident with an unknown woman.

Later, the woman contacts Philomena to find out how she is doing. Philomena gives her a sob story about her husband and how he will be angry when he finds out about the car accident. She abruptly hangs up the phone.

Elizabeth returns to FBI headquarters and reveals that she received a visit from Mr. Kaplan. FBI agent Donald Ressler is reviewing all the bodies left by Mr.

Kaplan while Red checks on Dembe to find out how he is doing. Red is contrite that he misjudged Dembe and his intentions, and he gives Dembe a box and tells him that he can use the box to leave Red's organization at any time, no strings attached.

Where did Red's finance guy go?

The FBI tracks down the place where Philomena is holding Red's finance guy.

By the time the FBI arrives, Philomena and the finance guy are gone. Ressler works with a profiler to try and determine who the victims are and how the murders were committed. They are trying to determine if there is enough evidence to prove that Reddington is guilty of the murders by creating a reconstruction of one of the murder scenes. Meanwhile, Philomena continues her elaborate charade with the unknown woman. The FBI reveals that her plan is to go after Martin Gerard, a man who can turn over state's evidence regarding all of Red's activities.

Martin previously tipped off Red about what Mr. Kaplan was doing. The FBI seems to be one step behind Philomena as she takes Gerard hostage and leaves with him. Philomena is later taken into custody while Kaplan talks to Gerard. She is trying to get Gerard to turn over state's evidence against Raymond. "The Blacklist" airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.