'The Arrangement' has been renewed for Season 2 and E! network is promising fans an even darker season than season 1. It was confirmed by E! network that it's newest scripted series will be back for a sophomore season, which will consist of 10 new episodes.

Although season 2 of 'The Arrangement' is officially happening, season 1 is still airing right now. The finale of the show that follows the life of Kyle West and Megan Morrison will air on Sunday, May 7th. Actress Christine Evangelista, who plays Megan Morrison, promised fans in an interview on the Today show that the finale of the 1st season would "shock" fans, and we guess not in a right way.

Stars Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista react to renewal news

Hunky leading man of 'The Arrangement' Josh Henderson, who plays mega star Kyle West on the show, took to social media following the renewal news. He not only reaffirmed the season 2 renewal news but gave a big shout out to all the fans of the show because obviously without the fans the show would not have been the big hit that it is. The actor also promised that the rest of season 1 would be "INSANE."

Christine Evangelista also took to social media to share her reaction to the renewal news; however, she was not quite as wordy as her costar. In fact, the actress shared a lovely yet simple Instagram post which consisted of the onscreen couple with the caption 'SEASON 2."

'The Arrangement' why it is a hit

This show is a hit not just because of the superb acting from the show's main two characters but the entire cast.

Micheal Vartan rocks as Terrance the head of the Institute of The Higher Mind, who is controlling Kyle's life. The very talented Lexa Doig plays DeAnn, the producer who manages Kyle's career and helps Terrance run The Institute if you will. She is pretty much the woman behind the man, but she is the one making sure that stuff gets done and done right.

Those are just a couple of examples of the amazing ensemble cast; you'll have to tune in to see who else is steaming up the small screen.

You can't have great acting performances if you don't have amazing stories to tell, plain and simple. The show is not just another life in Hollywood story. 'The Arrangement' delves into not only Hollywood life but that life when it is so centered on an institute, think Tom Cruise and Scientology.

While the show is in no way based on Cruise or Scientology, one can't help but make the comparison. Let's face it curiosity about the comparison alone is enough to make the show a hit.

What do you think about 'The Arrangement' being renewed for season 2?