Hours after the news broke that Carmelo Anthony and wife La La were separating, comes the allegation that the Knicks player has impregnated another woman. TMZ was first to report the news that allegedly a dancer at a gentlemen's club in New York City is claiming to be 6 months pregnant with Carmelo's child. Could this be the reason that La La Anthony decided to separate from her husband?

Carmelo and La La Anthony have not publicly acknowledged the split, neither of their reps have released a statement, and neither have brought up the subject on social media.

She may not have spoken about the split, but La La has removed her Wedding Ring, making a pretty bold statement on the state of her marriage to Carmelo.

Alleged cheating not the only problem

While it is pretty clear that if Carmelo Anthony did actually cheat on his wife, that would be reason enough for her to call it quits, especially if the woman is pregnant. However, the couple has been plagued with separation and trouble rumors throughout the New York Knicks' current season. Although the stress of being on a team that is seriously awful is likely to take a toll on a player and everyone around them, it is not likely to be the only reason for marital troubles.

There is also the uncertainly of where the family will be next year.

While Carmelo still has two years left on his Knicks contract there is speculation that he will be traded, unless of course he decides to invoke the no trade clause in his contact. Even though uncertainty is par for the course when you are married to a pro-athlete, it is easy to understand how it could take a toll on La La Anthony and the couple's 10-year old son Kiyan.

Even if he manages to stay in New York for the remainder of his contract, it looks like it might be too little too late for Carmelo Anthony's marriage.

Is their love story really over?

This is not the first time that La La Anthony and Carmelo have split up. The couple, who have been together for over a decade but have only been married since 2010.

They have separated before only to find their way back to each other. Carmelo and La La split up briefly back in 2013 but eventually got back together.

While it seems that they found a way to resolve their issues previously, sources close to the couple tell Page Six that the couple have realized that they are better when they are apart. Whether Carmelo Anthony and wife La La Anthony will file for divorce or get back together is something only they can decide.

What are your thoughts on the alleged cheating rumors and the breakup of Carmelo and La La?