Major retail store Target pulled over 500,000 Easter toys after it was discovered that the toys could be very hazardous to children. The recall began last Thursday, just days before the holiday. Despite the fact that there has not been a single report of injury, the Consumer Product Safety Commission were not taking any chances with these toys.

What Easter toys were recalled?

The toys that were named in the Target Easter toys recall consist of water-absorbing Easter and Dino toys -- more specifically, "Hatch & Grow Easter" toys. These water expanding toys such as eggs, chicks and bunnies for the holiday are specifically named in the recall ordered by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

"Hatch Your Own Dino Eggs" are also being recalled, as they can expand up to 600 times their original size, which seems a little bit crazy on its own without the recent Health Hazard that was issued.

The serious health hazard implications

So, what exactly is all the hoopla about surrounding the Target recall of these Easter toys? Well, apparently, if the toys are swallowed by children, they will expand in the child's body, causing major damage to their intestines, and can only be removed through surgery.

Target is making it very simple for anyone who have purchased the recalled Easter toys to get their money back.

Simply take the toy you bought and return it to any Target store for a full refund, even if the toy has already been opened. Target began selling the toy in February of 2017, and you can check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for specific model numbers if you are unsure of the model you have.

This is not the first time that Target has had to recall toys or other consumer products, and it will likely not be the last.

Consumer products being recalled is just something that happens in the retail world. Whether it's toys, food, make-up, paint, recalls are a part of the consumer industry.

What do you think of the Target Easter toy recall? Do you think the store is to blame for the situation?