Here's comes the "Teen Mom OG" bride, Amber Portwood, fair, but not at all fat and wide. Here comes the groom Matt Baier, looking like he was beaten with a broom? In anticipation of her upcoming wedding, the teen mom debuted weight loss and a plastic surgery makeover on Instagram. Meanwhile, the groom, Matt Baier sported bruises. What's up with the battered groom-to-be and more importantly, will co-star Farrah Abraham get an invite?

Amber Portwood wears white and weight loss

Maybe it's just mad photography (photoshop) skills, but the "Teen Mom OG" star looks a lot more slender in her Instagram photos.

In pics, she does a lot of duck lips (so, weirdly, does her 7-year-old kid). This "trout pout" makes the face look deformed but also thinner. Amber had a ton of plastic surgery done awhile back and seems to have grown into it. At first, she looked swelled up and inflamed. But after healing, the breast implant procedure, liposuction, facelift, Botox and lip implants appear more natural. How much of Portwood's "weight loss" is tummy tuck and how much is GODE (good old diet and exercise)? Does it matter if the net result is positive?

Farrah Abraham invited?

The big question, probably to Amber's chagrin, was if her nemesis was invited. At the "Teen Mom OG" reunion, the bride-to-be punched Farrah Abraham because then-boyfriend Simon Saran called Matt Baier a pedophile.

So Abraham won't likely be a bridesmaid. But even after Portwood called her a "f--king b--ch" the reality TV star is on the guest list. However she's not planning to attend. The teen mom declared herself fed up with scamming "criminals" like Portwood and Baier. Farrah's also sick of being Amber's arm candy, claiming she used Abraham to drum up sales for her book "Never Too Late." Portwood maintains that her "16 and Pregnant" co-star is jealous, being always a bridesmaid and never a bride.

The groom wore black and blue

If Amber Portwood's Instagram pics caused confusion, Matt Baier's Twitter images certainly did. Portwood ditched her intended to hang out with "Teen Mom 2" pal Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in Michigan. Snapchat shows her celebrating Easter without her engagement ring. Meanwhile, Baier's pictures showed him with a black eye and it was suggested that his fiance beat him up (she was charged with assault and battery on ex boyfriend Gary Shirley). Both "Teen Mom OG" stars professed shock at accusations of domestic violence. Amber was terribly hurt but said she was working her recovery program after rehab and moving forward.