Old sins cast long shadows as Amber Portwood is learning. Images of her bruised beau Matt Baier went viral on Twitter and "Teen Mom OG" fans couldn't help looking to his girlfriend as the abuser. The reality TV star did time for substance abuse and also has a history of domestic violence. Is the ex-con teen mom beating up boyfriends again? Baier defended his bride-to-be and his battered face and his explanation may be odder than the rumors.

Amber Portwood defends "untrue, unfounded rumors"

The "Teen Mom OG" star was shocked that anyone would suggest she blackened her fiance's eye.

The soon-to-be-newlyweds are in love and planning their reality television wedding. Are folks just being bloody-minded seeing her hand on his face? Well, Amber does have a violent temper as witnessed by her assault of co-star Farrah Abraham on the MTV reunion of the "Teen Mom" cast. She was also charged with assault and battery on ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. So it may be true that the Twitter rumors are untrue. But "unfounded", not so much.

Amber Portwood put violence behind her

Portwood admitted on social media that, sure, she's had her rough moments. But after arrest for substance abuse, she chose the moral high ground and took prison over rehab. This, the "Teen Mom OG" star, explained, was in order to "fully turn her life around." How prison was the better path is unclear and she probably didn't have much of a choice in the sentencing.

How incarceration for drug abuse patched up the teen mom's domestic violence issues is also confusing. Portwood claimed to have quit reality television but came back for the next season. So viewers take what she says with a generous portion of salt.

Amber Portwood clean, inside and out

Amber didn't categorically deny rumors of domestic abuse.

Instead she said she was hurt by them, moving forward with recovery and trying to be the best person she could be. These ambiguous statements don't lend veracity to the teen mom's story. But Amber says she's clean of drugs and anger. Last year, the "Teen Mom OG" actor had a complete plastic surgery makeover with breast implant, facelift, tummy tuck and butt lift.

She also achieved some weight loss and made plans to marry Matt Baier. Was this Amber's way of proving her transformation--out with the old, in with the new?

Battered boyfriend Matt Baier "fell on a friend?"

Actually, the reality television star of "Teen Mom OG" says he fell on a friend's fist. Social media pics showed him after he and his buddies were "roughhousing" (as a 46-year-old does?) Baier stood by his woman but is he just covering for her? Amber Portwood can protest innocence all she wants. But the proof is in the victim's statement (unless she has her man so cowed that he is terrified to speak against her). Baier, who is old enough to be Amber's dad, doesn't look to have Battered person syndrome, but neither do most guys. There's not a profile of an abuser. It rocked TLC when Honey Boo Boo's dad Sugar Bear blew up and Mama June confirmed that he was a beater.