Sugar Bear has some bitter anger. Weight-loss wasn't the hottest part of Mama June's reality TV reunion when the baby daddy of "Honey Boo Boo" appeared on "From Hot to Not." After hurling f-bombs and b-words at June Shannon and threatening her minor daughter, Mike Thompson's new wife Jennifer Lamb and Mama June finally agreed on one thing, that Sugar Bear has anger issues.

Sugar Bear threatens teen girl

Mama June's reality TV show "From Not to Hot" showcases her 300-lb weight-loss, size 18 to size 4 drop, and plastic surgery makeover. But it's also about mending relationships.

Shannon had her ex Mike Thompson and his new bride Jennifer Lamb sit down for a chat on the season finale. The tete-a-tete was supervised by Judge Lynn Tolin because the trio are known to get heated. After Honey Boo Boo admitted Sugar Bear was an absent dad, he called Shannon a "f--king b--ch." June's daughter Pumpkin Shannon didn't like that and called him out. Toes curled as Thompson tore his shirt, screamed 'c'mon b--ch" and seemed ready to throw down with the girl.

Mama June, Jennifer Lamb face-off

June Shannon jumped up to defend her daughters Lauryn and Alana Thompson. Poor overweight Jen couldn't even get off the couch to stand by her crazed man. Thompson's wife blamed June even though it was her husband threatening a child.

Lamb claimed that originally, she had no idea Mike was the Sugar Bear from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." But now, she seems to want in on Shannon's "From Not to Hot" fame, inviting her to the wedding and getting herself on the reality television show whenever possible. Shannon promised that people would see another side of Thompson.

Fans suggested it was just hammed up, but Thompson looked genuinely angry.

Jennifer Lamb, June Shannon see eye to eye, finally

The morbidly obese Jennifer fat-shamed her nemesis for obesity then thin-shamed her for weight-loss. Lamb tried to suggest Shannon had an eating disorder and body-shamed her plastic surgery (breast implant and skin removal tummy tuck).

Mike and Jen both undermined Honey Boo Boo's healthier eating by pushing sweets on Alana. Jen felt disrespected and name-called Mama June when she didn't return calls. But after hubby's blowup, even Jen saw what June was talking about and agreed that their shared man had rage issues.

Who set Sugar Bear off?

The reality TV dad went after June and Lauryn Shannon. But who was Thompson really angry with? He'd had a row with his new wife when he insisted that June and Alana be at the wedding. Lamb bragged that she stalked her husband and scanned texts for signs of cheating. She threatened to sic her 300-lb son on Mike if he cheated. Sugar Bear got angry when accused of child abuse. He lied and said he was never unfaithful, yet admitted multiple LGBT hookups.

Does it really matter who Thompson was angry with? Judge Lynn Toler of WEtv's "Marriage Boot Camp" didn't think so. She was worried that none of the women were safe with that anger, and, most telling of all, Honey Boo Boo doesn't seem to trust her father.