A "Star Wars" lost scenes cut from "A New Hope" reveals that Carrie Fisher and others may very well have had a potty mouth on the set.

The galaxy far, far away has been known as a family-friendly space opera kids and adults can cuddle up to on movie night. The series does have its share of tense moments, but they're usually handled with a degree of tact making even the worst of Sith Lords still watchable for that 12-year-old who has never seen the movies before.

After eight films, we have yet to see anything overly offensive. Yes, Luke Skywalker has had his hand cut off and willingly dropped himself into an abyss, Darth Maul has been cut in half, and Stormtroopers have been shot with blasters over and over.

Emperor Palpatine has been thrown down a ventilation shaft, Han Solo and Qui-Gon Jinn have both been impaled with lightsabers, and we've witnessed the destruction of the Death Star twice.

Not once have we heard foul language in all of that madness though.

Until now we hadn't seen any evidence that there was swearing on the set

During the scene in which Tarkin informs Leia that he will be testing the Death Star's weapon on Alderaan, the tension was rather high. It's what helped make it such a shocker and an unforgettable twist on the story.

Apparently, the tension was high even outside of the story, as just after the scene was cut, Leia could be heard muttering a very audible F-bomb, though bleeped out.

It's unknown why that happened, possibly due to incredible self-expectations or a mistake which caused them to try the scene again. Perhaps Carrie Fisher was simply having a bad day?

Outtakes can often reveal some very different mistakes on the set, but until now, we'd always assumed that the actors in this franchise had a healthy rein on their tongues.

In another scene, we hear Angus MacInnes, who played the Rogue Squadron's Gold Leader, mess up the timing of his lines in the cockpit, followed by a similar F-bomb and an apology.

'Star Wars' may have been family friendly, but the characters can be dark

Right from the beginning, the franchise has been riddled with dysfunctional families, from young Anakin being involved in dangerous pod races for a slave owner as his single mother watches on, to Luke Skywalker facing off against Darth Vader in a clash of lightsabers.

Even Rogue One had Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) basically abandoned by her father years before joining him in helping to steal the plans for the Death Star, not to mention the fates of most major characters by the end.

Darth Vader even watched on in silence as Tarkin fired on a planet his own daughter had grown up on, and she was right there with him.

We all make mistakes, but these outtakes prove that not everything is nice and family friendly in a galaxy far, far away.